How To Install Wordpress In Less Than 5 Minutes Locally With SXL

You can Learn how to create website easily in few minutes. Here are some easy steps for installing wordpress.

Without wasting time lets come to the topic first.

Step 1: Make Sure You already have installed wamp or Xampp

First of all we need to install wamp or xampp serrver on our pc. If you have not installed yet , Do it first.And after installing you can check the folder createed in program files with the name of xampp, where you will find one more folder inside it called htdocs where we will create the project i.e. wordpress project.

You can follow the wordpress installation process using video coming soon:-

Step 2: Download Wordpress

Now download and extract the wordpress ,whatever version you want from the and extract the zip files. After wxtractiong the files you just need to copy the files from the wordpress folder and paste them in the htdocs folder project that you created.

Step 3: Now start the local server on your pc

Next you need to start the local server and create the database that later you need to add on the place of database name during the wordpress installation process in next step.

Step 4: Now hit local host with folder path on your browser

In this step you need to hit the URL of your project on localhost .In my case i.e. http://localhost:81/learnwordpress , port can be 80 as well as per your settings. In my case i have set 81.

Step 5 : Now Just choose the language

After hitting the project url it will ask you to choose the language first , here you can choose the language and go forward.

Step 6: And fill the wordpress fields as per database name you already created

In this step you need to update database name with the name you have created above. Next chose username, password email and so on.

Step 7: Now you can login using username and password you choosen

After this it will generate the username and you need to copy that one and will redirect you on the login page, where you can login username and password ,you can change the password later if you want.